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International Development

Military Spending as Percent of GDP

Global Poverty Trends

Country Program Performance

World Bank Data

America's Freight Gateways
Gateways  by Mode

Gateways by State

USDOC Census

Truck Safety
Fatal Crashes and Fatalities Involving Large Trucks

Fatal Crash and Fatality Rates


U.S. International Aid

Loans and Grants by Country

Trends in Aid

Trends in Aid Type and Program


Maritime Outlook

Vessel Calls

Container Trade by Port TEUs

Container Trade by Port and Country

Top 25 Flag of Registry

Tanker Vessel Calls by U.SPorts


Aviation Outlook

On-time arrival

On-time departure

On-time performance

Causes of delay


Predictive modeling and data mining

Ability to integrate statistical models into dashboards and BI reports.

Smart GIS

Ability to integrate multiple GIS tools with the dashboards.

Our extensive experience with BI tools enables rapid data visualization from easy drill downs to deliver information through the following:

  • Automate and manual data loads from multiple formats (Access, Excel, CSV, ASCII, Database dump files, and XML).
  • Data cleansing (remove white spaces, leading/trailing blanks, convert special characters).
  • Enhance data models and mapping layers that contain logical mapping between datasets.
  • Integrate customized Reports and Dashboards using front-end developer apps.
  • Manage customized role based permissions for account users.

We have successfully worked with a wide variety of data and created interactive dashboards, reports, and GIS applications for our government clients.

E-Ternational’s advanced data visualizations capability empowers users to change the data visualization on demand, so data can be viewed from multiple perspectives.

Our strength lies in our ability to blend business analytics, data analysis, and advanced BI applications with in-depth knowledge of the client industry-specific expertise.


We develop business dashboards for the web and mobile platforms that are self intuitive with highly interactive graphic user interface that enable users to ask the right question.

Ad-hoc Queries

Ad hoc queries are those that are not already defined and are not needed on a regular basis, so they're not included in the typical set of reports or queries provided with the software. They're typically queries that the user can create on their own.


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