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Predictive modeling and data mining

Ability to integrate statistical models into dashboards and BI reports.

Smart GIS

Ability to integrate multiple GIS tools with the dashboards.

At E-Ternational:

  • We understand the requirements for self directed data access and analysis.
  • Give users rich data experience through visualizations.
  • Expand data reach into spatial data and unstructured content.
  • Develop and apply best practices for data discovery. An important part of data discovery is the ability to present the data visually to allow users to interact and “ask” meaningful follow-on questions of the data.
  • Choose tools that leverage the value of big data. With "big data” referring to extremely large data sets that can change rapidly and include both structured and unstructured data.

E-Ternational's data knowledge services include solutions in Business Intelligence, Tableau and Oracle implementation and integration, Oracle database administration, and enterprise reporting. Our BI professional team can develop scalable and robust solutions that leverage service-oriented architecture.

We provide complete Business Intelligence Solutions - from requirement gathering to data presentation, data modeling, analysis, visualization, and dissemination. We develop dynamic interfaces that allow our clients to interactively gather, manage, and deliver content and data.


We develop business dashboards for the web and mobile platforms that are self intuitive with highly interactive graphic user interface that enable users to ask the right question.

Ad-hoc Queries

Ad hoc queries are those that are not already defined and are not needed on a regular basis, so they're not included in the typical set of reports or queries provided with the software. They're typically queries that the user can create on their own.

Rapid Cloud-Based Deployments

E-Ternational provides flexible business analytics applications with interactive data visualization (data discovery) and rapid BI deployment (Agile BI, Self Service BI, and Cloud BI) that put analytic power in the hands of the business user.

Ongoing scoping, rapid iterations, optimization, and frequent testing are key components in E-Ternational’s approach towards rapid data visualization and deployment.



  • Functional Database Design, Database Analysis, Data Modeling, and Database Application Design
  • Business intelligence database design and implementation
  • Analyzing, designing, developing, implementing, tuning and supporting business intelligence tools
  • Use of business intelligence, predictive analysis, and OLAP (online analytical processing)
  • Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE)
  • Oracle BI Interactive Dashboards
  • Oracle BI Administration Tool
  • Tableau Dynamic Dashboards

Transforming data into insightful decision tools