Maryland DBE. FAA eFAST.

  • We apply proven analytical methods, concepts, and business intelligence (BI) to large data to deliver policy-relevant insights and solutions.
  • We solve critical data management issues that improves clients ability to better use their data and increase the public good of government agencies.
  • We collaborate with our partners and provide competent solutions to their challenges–in transportation, development, and analytics.

Dynamic Dashboards

We deliver interactive and dynamic dashboards that allow the information in large databases to be visualized and understood at a glance.  Offer powerful presentations.

Multidimensional Analysis

Provide tools for clients to "slice and dice" their data and gain insights at very granular levels. Our proven methods are based on well designed backend data mart and industry-specific analysis.

Strategic Consulting

Our innovative solutions starts with how clients’ needs are identified and fulfilled, in project management models, in staff selection and allocation to projects, in the use of technology, and several others.

E-Ternational excels in management consulting and IT data management services, particularly in:

  • Enterprise Data Integration
  • Data Clouding Strategy Development
  • Geospatial Mapping Tool Development




Enabling decision-makers with the ability to make fast, accurate, and intelligent policy and business decisions, E-Ternational builds systems that analyze and integrate data from various information sources to create a centralized and accurate source of information. We are expert at developing enterprise information portals to deliver the required information.

What we offer include:

  • Business Intelligence (BI) Strategy Development
  • Data Quality Enhancement
  • Data Compilation, Acquisition, and Integration
  • Metadata Management
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse and Data Mart Implementation
  • BI Interface Customization and Deployment



We're passionate about research analytics