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E-Ternational's proven analytics approach  delivers advanced technical analysis and solutions, solving critical issues and making a difference. We work on mission sensitive and timely large data management and visualization tasks. We solve tough analytical challenges for clients, working alongside with them to accomplish their mission.

We have successfully developed and deployed geospatial mapping applciations and decision-support tools suign advance GIS and data visualization applications.



We collaborate with our national and international clients, bringing the staff, technical expertise, capabilities, and resources needed to very successfully support their goals at any point in a project’s life cycle.

We bring to every assignment extensive hands-on senior-public leadership experience as well as insightful knowledge gained from working with senior executive staff and top-level political appointees.

E-Ternational provides services in three focused areas to meet clients' needs and challenges:

  • Transportation
  • International Development
  • Project Analytics

We assemble, analyze, and interpret information on the extent, use, condition, performance, and consequences of systems use and management. And we support clients' information technology needs by providing client-based and market-oriented solutions.

E-Ternational delivers technical reports on the movement of goods on national transportation networks, analyzing and examining freight trends, logistics and supply chain patterns, trade trends, port capacity issues, and globalization impacts. Managed and large transportation data and infrastructure projects involving United States, Canada, and Mexico.

We have successful experience in intermodal network analysis, truck-rail freight analysis, transportation nergy use, and transportation and environmental impacts.


Full Cycle




E-Ternational has direct and proven experience conducting assessments on trade, infrastructure, and program evaluations for the World Bank. We have immediate and direct international hands-on experience that is very relevant for supporting development mission.

Our proven approach delivers successful requirements for conducting analytical research, developing materials for field interviews, conducting project evaluations, analyzing results, and preparing and submitting technical reports to development agencies.

We combine regional strength and technical expertise for successful project implementation.


Fact-Based. Policy-Relevant. Envision.

Focused Services