Maryland DBE. FAA eFAST.

  • International merchandise trade patterns
  • Global freight movements
  • Maritime transportation systems
  • Trends in oceanborne foreign trade by ports and trading partners
  • Commodity freight flows
  • North America transborber trade flows
  • Domestic transportation of international trade
  • Regulatory assessment of services trade
  • Trade and transport facilitation assessment

America's Freight Gateways

U.S. container cargo handled at the major seaports continues to grow as the economic rebound spurs strong merchandise imports and exports. Read more

Moving America

The volume of freight moved on America's transportation system continues to support the nation's economic growth. This network handles over 17 billion tons of goods annually. Read more

Improving Trade Facilitation

E-Ternational supported a World Bank project in Liberia on improving the country's trade competitiveness and border management while expanding regional and global trade. Read more


 Trends & Outlook

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